Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tosh Brown Photography

Daily if I have a working computer at home, and every other day if not, I go on my favorite flyfishing news site Midcurrent and look at everything new and exciting in the flyfishing world. Usually about once a week there is an interview with a photographer that almost always is involved with nature photography and of course fly fishing. This week was an interview with Tosh Brown. Tosh got into photography by trying to promote a travel agency. When he started selling pictures to editors, he sold his company and became a full time photographer. When I went onto his website I started looking around at a section properly named "not too serious" and found a picture that I saw in the drake magazine pamphlet that was given out at the flyfishing film festival. I felt that whether the picture was set up or actual action, it captured one of the most prominent occurances in flyfishing, losing fish.

Going through more of the pictures in the category not so serious gave me a lot of ideas about my own photography. I enjoy how the pictures are excellent quality, but about things that happen that weren't really supposed to. So much of photography is about that perfect moment in great light, and this is a completely different direction than all of that. It shows all of the imperfections that happen when out in the field.

I also almost didn't finish this blog before class because I spent time reading a blog that Tosh Brown and a few others create, called A Mouthful of Feathers.

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