Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hunting Photography

Although I strongly considered looking at more pictures of people flyfishing, I got the urge to take a look at some hunting pictures. A simple google search brought me to Mitch Kezar at I am hoping to get a few good pictures during this hunting season of the dog that I am borrowing from my dad for the season and was looking for a few ideas.

I really enjoyed looking through the hunting pictures from Mitch. As mentioned, I really want a nice picture of my dog, so my favorite was the third one as I clicked through from the main screen. The picture is of a man casting his yellow lab after what is assumed to be a downed duck. What I really liked about the picture was how well it portrayed duck hunting. The excitement of the dog, the man standing in the water to hunt, the cloudy skies and the dark water are all familiar to me, and they capture the essence of the hunt. The angle chosen for the picture is excellent as well.

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