Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 Rules of Photography

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Red is better than yellow, enough said.

Light is more attractive than dark. My eyes were drawn to the fisherman trying to reach the river and the darkness on the sides pushes me towards the middle. Photo by Copi Vojta.

Jagged lines are more striking than curved ones. My attention is caught by the left side of the photo because of the peaks and leads down to the lake. Photo by Copi Vojta.

A picture of a man fishing from a graffiti'd bridge piling within the Carbondale, Colorado city limits.

Difference draws more attention than conformity. Without the graffiti, this would just be a picture of a man fishing. Normally one would not think to be fishing in an area with lots of graffiti. Photo by Copi Vojta.

A photograph of a man holding a fly rod while a seagull flies by in the background.

Sharpness is more attractive than blur. The point of this picture was probably to try and sell it to sage, not a birdwatcher, and therefor the reel is in focus and the bird just adds a little to the picture. Photo by Copi Vojta.

Large draws more attention than small. Because this fish is so small, I held it out in the center of the frame so that it would attract the most attention. I wouldn't have had to do this if the trout was 20 inches.

Diagonal lines are more attractive than vertical ones. I chose to take the picture of my dog in this location because the barbed wire was more interesting than it was where it was just straight and normal.

See post Copi Brookbear Vojta for more information on his pictures.

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