Thursday, September 16, 2010

Copi Brookbear Vojta

Copi Vojta is another photographer that recently had a few pictures featured on midcurrent flyfishing news. When I first got to his page I looked at his about me section on his website and got a good laugh out of it. It seemed like an interesting attitude he portrayed and I was immediately excited to get a look at some more of his pictures.

Like his small autobiography, there is a unique sarcasm to many of his pictures that only a fly fisherman would understand. A lot of his pictures are abstract, and he uses a lot of black and white. Even when not in black and white the colors in his photos are not very vivid, and there is a lot of grey. It is a nice change from normal fishing photography, where the bright colors of the fish and the sky and equiptment are emphasized, and it works very well for him. He appears to be one of those photographers that takes the rules that my next blog will be about and then breaks as many of them as possible in every picture because he can. Normally I can't stand abstract photography, and I want vivid colors and sharp photos, but these pictures have been my favorite so far this year.

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