Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make up blog - pheasant pictures that I like

silhouette of rooster and dog
tailfeathers out of vest
rooster and dog in field with grasses blowing

I leave on Thursday for an eight day trip to South Dakota to hunt pheasants. This is probably the most exciting time of the year for me, and three years in a row we have been going. We have also not taken any good pictures three years in a row. This is kind of disappointing every year after we have a lot of fun and get a few birds and don't have any good pictures of them. The three links above are ideas that I got when I was looking for pheasant hunting pictures. They are all pretty classic photos, but I never would have known enough about my camera to do them properly. In years past, my flash would have came on to ruin the silhouette picture. My focal point would have been off and the tailfeathers coming out of the jacket wouldn't be in focus. And I never would have figured out to use a low shutter speed to get the grass to wave through the screen the way it does in the third picture. Now that I understand things such as aperature and shutter speed priority and exposure compensation these are pictures I think I can make.

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