Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extra blog - my class goal

My two main goals as discussed in the beginning of the semester were to get a nice picture of my new puppy and to get a few good pictures of my dog Rudy and his time in Montana. Both of these proved to be pretty difficult as my puppy never seems to slow down at all and the best times with Rudy were in "foul" weather and conditions were difficult. These two pictures are my favorite out of all of the ones I took of my dogs. The thing that they have in common is the angle I was at to take the picture. For the picture of my pup Buddy I climbed up on a dead tree along the bank of the Yellowstone River. This gave me two advantages, Buddy was sad and wanted to be close to me so he tried to jump up, and when he did jump up I got a great angle to get his entire face, instead of the usual angle from level with the dog.

I tried hard this year when the weather wasn't too terrible to get a good picture of Rudy retrieving a duck. For the most part this worked out poorly. All of the ones I got were just head shots of him where you could barely even see his eyes because of the duck. This day I decided to try something a little different and get him retrieving a bird in the shallow water instead where I could get most of his body. The shot I liked the best was this one where he was pretty close to me because of the angle capturing most of his face.

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