Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Picture I would like to take


This may be one of the most common pictures I have seen taken with Labrador puppies who will one day become bird dogs. My new puppy is still a lot younger than this but it is something I would like to do eventually. I already have the lanyard with the old calls and a few bands, the old Winchester, the black lab pup and the 80's camouflage. It is one picture I would like to get as a keepsake. 

I like how this picture works because you work your way through it very easily starting with the pups eyes and to the gun and then the lanyard. I also like how the background is blurred to the point that it doesn't draw any attention away from the main subject but it does add a little because you can barely tell that there is a field back there with some grasses. It appears to be an early morning light shining directly towards them. 

After this picture I will have to get a picture of the pup playing in the decoys with a few dead greenheads in with the decoys as well. 

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