Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outdoor Photographer Articles

Atacama Adventure

This article discusses the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, the driest place on Earth, and the photographic opportunities that can be found there. These opportunities include desert vegetation such as cacti, shrubs and flowers that make great subjects on otherwise barren landscapes. Prehistoric sites and rock paintings are also a draw to the region. Solitude should be expected, and the vast landscapes and clear air allow for backgrounds that seem to go forever.

As with most deserts, and even more so in this high elevation desert, you can't show up with just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Most nights get below zero and there is no shelter from the wind which can be fierce. The article suggests camping for those serious about getting good light conditions, and says that the time frame is about 15 minutes because the sun rises and sets nearly vertically due to the deserts location very close to the

Most Wanted

This article highlights wildlife photographer Kevin Schafer's obsession with shooting animals that are out of the ordinary. He strays from the bears, elk and birds of North America to travel where he can shoot animals that are less frequently seen and known of. Kevin got bored with shooting the pictures that everyone else already has, and now has started his own project called "Empty Ark".

For this project, he goes around trying to capture images of animals that no one knows of that are in great need of conservation. It is not hard to get people to care about a panda or a polar bear because the publicity is there. Kevin uses the images he captures of these rare and threatened species to help conservation groups protect these species. With photos that capture more than just a blank image with the subject species right in the middle, Kevin tries to touch on human emotions to get people to care to protect the species.

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